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Running motivation

5 LESSONS I LEARNT FROM THE COMRADES MARATHON As watch my friends go through the Taper in preparation for the Comrades Marathon, I could be envious but I’m not because as much as I wanted that back to back medal I also know that one cannot do Comrades if ill prepared. My Comrades journey of May 2016 was 9 months ...

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Motivation – HITTING THE WALL in RUNNING and in LIFE

I started my running journey in September 2015 and it has been an incredible year and a half. I’ve managed to complete the The Ultimate Human Race, and other marathons and ultra marathons in between but my most testing ones have been over the last few months. The last few months tested my resolve and tested my ability to experience some ...

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Motivation: All things are difficult before they are easy

“All things are difficult before they are easy.” Thomas Fuller The path towards success is like climbing a never ending flight of stairs. Each step, another obstacle to overcome. Each step, another mistake to learn from. Each step, another closed door opened. Success is not for the meek. It requires a warrior mindset. When you have a warrior mindset, each ...

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