Motivation – HITTING THE WALL in RUNNING and in LIFE

I started my running journey in September 2015 and it has been an incredible year and a half. I’ve managed to complete the The Ultimate Human Race, and other marathons and ultra marathons in between but my most testing ones have been over the last few months.

The last few months tested my resolve and tested my ability to experience some new challenges. I’ve hit the wall in a marathon, ultra marathon as well on the bike. I’ve been plagued with injuries, my diet has been undisciplined and in my professional life I’ve encountered some new challenges where my problem solving ability has really been tested.

Basically I have hit the wall in many spheres of life but I continue to search for the holy grail because I know that my big break is around the corner. The holy grail I will find, whether it is hitting form, solving some work challenges or finding new opportunities. When hitting the wall it is like your muscles cease and you just cant move forward and sometimes the only way to get going is to reenergize through nourishment. That nourishment can be some nutrition in your running journey, a coach on your running, or life journey or a mentor to help in your professional life. Sometimes the wall is a sign of a need for spiritual enlightenment.

Sometimes we must destroy in order to create and that could mean different training methods, habits, discarding an old way of thinking/paradigm or changing careers. Sometimes quitting to prevent an injury and coming back stronger to face there next challenge. A friend told me there is no shame in walking, this is true in running and in life. Sometimes we must walk in order to run, quit in order to move forward, destroy in order to create, and sometimes we must except the good with the bad.

When we hit the wall we can choose to quit or we can choose to push through. In running especially the marathon and ultra marathon I’ve encountered cramps that made me want to quit, I almost did. My muscles felt like it wanted to cease but all I told myself is keep moving forward. Eventually when my muscles start going again and I have some momentum I would pick up speed and move towards the finish but constantly being aware of those muscles wanting to cease because going to fast increases risk of serious injury. I constantly pushed through, having to fight my inner demons ,whispering in my ear to quit, but I knew that the wall is temporary and it to shall pass. Eventually I do finish, and all those demons disappear and before I know it I’m planning for my next challenge.

In life we encounter many demons, sometimes it seems impossible to break through, we hit the wall, and quit because we lose faith in ourselves. We fear being who we are meant to be, living inauthentic lives because we want to fit in. We constantly battle between being ourselves and fitting in. We afraid of leaving that abusive relationship and pray for God to intervene. We afraid to leave the job we hate and thereby prostituting our souls. We living in constant fear of the unknown and therefore fail to move forward.

Sometimes quitting is the key to moving forward. Sometimes when we start a race injured, hitting the wall is a sign that we should never have participated. Sometimes we do things to fit in, for the sake of pride, to not be a failure, to prove a point to others. Sometimes the wall is a sign that we have to change something if we need to move forward but it is for us to listen to that inner voice.

What is the WALL that you keep on hitting, are you choosing to stay stuck or to move forward, find your nourishment to move beyond the wall!!!

I’m choosing to quit in order to move forward because I know what my goals are and what I want to achieve!!

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