Limits to Growth


What’s happened in the world is that we have been treated by big business like sheep, all looking the same and eating grass, all happy with being sold generic products yet we all know that we are born unique but afraid to be divorced from the masses.

And then we become impatient and intolerant around those that try to do good, that try to make things easier for all involved. Therefore we try and find unique experiences and this is how new sports and competitions start, like trail running, mountain biking, endurance running, ultra marathons, etc. all trying and striving for a unique experience and then when the sports grows the intolerance grows because it’s no longer unique. And then we make it about race or religion or some other things that we assume make us different.

In reality everything follows a cycle, a boom and then a doom, growth and then death, how fast that cycle moves is based on its limits to growth and when intolerance starts to increase we start nearing the limits.

Just thinking!!!

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