Spiritual – Truth and Grace

Truth and Grace

Sometimes I say the wrong things, well according to me I say the rights things and perhaps I don’t articulate it in the right manner. In other words I don’t mince words to protect someone’s ego.

Sometimes I get a stare from my other half, I stare that says “Jerome, how could you”. I’ve been this way since I can remember and I don’t know how many people disliked me for it. My family is still not use to it. But I’m not a different person with them and with other people. I’m always the same person.

In the work place it’s gotten me into trouble. I should have been fired many times, well I’ve never been fired but I’ve resigned for speaking the truth. Sometimes when the truth does not work one has to take positive action and sometimes it can mean having to give someone else the opportunity of creating the change.

Truth is never easy and grace through forgivenesses and acceptance of what is, is not easy either. At the end of Jesus’ ministry his total truth has gotten him into trouble with some people and his complete grace was an issue to others. Their hatred led him to a hasty, fixed trial and death by crucifixion.

I do not declare to be like Jesus, it is impossible, but grace comes through striving to be like him. Jesus called a sin a sin, he did not tip toe around it. He was 100% of the time 100% honest about it. He came to pay the debt for our sin, and on the cross. We could never deserve it, we didn’t even know to ask for it. It is complete grace unmerited favor.

When we accept grace and truth we accept the challenge of imitating him.

Jesus was loved by many and hated by many but this did not bother him because he knew his purpose, and that was to be an example to humanity of what it means to live with truth and grace.

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