Being of Service

So I recently entered a store where a young lady was sweeping the floor. When I reached the till to pay for my goods, there was only one cashier. The manager then called the young lady to assist at another till. I could see the irritation on her face and that’s how she served me with this irritated expression.

Where was the customer service I ask myself. Do employees even no what customers service is. Many South Africans feel that they are entitled to be employed, that they don’t need work to earn. This entitlement leads to an economy with low productivity which is why as a Country we find ourselves in an environment of negative real economic growth. But what does being of service mean?

Being of service is what your purpose is on this planet, if you not of service, you don’t need to exist. There is only one of you, an individual, because if there are two of you one of you will not be needed. Amazing how people think businesses are born to make profit. That’s wrong thinking because a business exists to be of service. Do provide goods or services that is of service to its customers. The profits allow a business to grow, to exist, to to add more value, I.e. Be of more service to its stakeholders.

Why do businesses fail? They forget what the service is that they need to provide. Somehow they lose their way, and their purpose becomes profit instead of being of service.

When governments are not of service we strike, we vote them out, we create unrest. When businesses are no longer of service we stop buying their goods and services, and when employees are no longer of service they get retrenched/terminated,etc. So let’s have a service mindset, and perhaps the way we interact will be more purposeful!!

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