A marathon or a horse race

When I started running I never thought I’d so quickly get to run my first marathon, I did not realize the formula I was using was one that anyone can use. In a marathon everyone is a winner, the atmosphere is vibrant before and after the race with everyone being nervous at the start and then sharing war stories afterwards. It’s amazing to see people so exhausted and jubilant at the same time.

In a horse race you have the first 3 and then the also rans. One group is elated and the other extremely disappointed.

We can choose to live and run organizations like a marathon or a horse race. Most corporates are run like horse races which is why it is filled with so much fear, politics and greed. To lose in the corporate world is to get retrenched or dismissed.

While competition is not bad it results in conflict, conflict with self or conflict with others. Competition can stimulate energy, it can set standards, it provides a purpose. However competition can destroy, it’s meant to weed out high performers to the low performers which makes it divisive and demoralizing.

But what if we allowed people to run their own marathons, to set their own PBs. Setting their own pace a km at a time, would it not result in better and more productive organizations and more productive humans beings.

Run your own race and follow your own formula

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